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10 Skills You Can Learn In A Fortnight

Once you’ve caught up on sleep and Netflix shows, challenge yourself to learn or freshen up on some new skills. Within a fortnight you might just become an expert in your field. So for everyone postponing trying out those recipes on your Pinterest, and daydreaming about performing like Beyoncé – now is your time to shine, or at least try.


1. Become A World-Renowned Artist

Something as simple as picking up a pen and paper can be a great stress reliever. Sit in your garden and sketch some flowers, or pop onto YouTube for tutorials on how to draw specific shapes and scenes if you’re in need of some inspiration. If drawing isn’t your thing, then a good colouring book is a relaxing alternative. For the digitally savvy use this time to brush up on your digital art working skills!

2. Become A Master Chef

You’re going to have to eat regardless, so you might as well make every meal a good one. Find recipe inspiration on Pinterest, YouTube and flick through that cooking book your Mum bought for you 2 years ago. Once you’ve perfected your dishes, you can even step it up a notch by creating a menu and dishing up pro chef style to your family. If you live alone why not record your own mini cooking show to share with your friends?

3. Become A Fashion Designer

Not only are sewing skills useful to have when a wardrobe malfunction arises but it can be therapeutic too. Plus there’s nothing like lounging on the sofa and knitting as you catch up on some TV. If you’re already equipped with sewing kits and machines, why not make some adorable mini outfits for your kids Barbies and stuffed animals? It’s a great way to practise your skills ready for sewing summer outfits and repairing trusty items in your wardrobe that need a lil' bit of TLC. You can even find tutorials online or subscribe to haberdashery magazines for inspiration.


4. Become A Music Maestro

Find that recorder you had in primary school, take out your violin and tune your guitar – it’s time to become a music maestro. If you’re longing to reconnect with your musical side, then start by practising your scales and then find a recognisable song to learn. Top Tip: YouTube and apps like Yousician are great ways to get motivated, but if you work better one on one, then there are plenty of tutors who teach online too!

5. Become Multilingual

The thing about learning languages is you have to keep practising, and now is the ideal moment to set time aside to download a language learning app, connect with bilingual friends and dust-off old workbooks. 30 minutes a day is a good place to start, and remember repetition is key. Learning languages can be frustrating, so try listening to music, podcasts and TV shows in your target language too – because who said entertainment and education can’t go hand in hand 😉.

6. Become An A Star Student

Distance learning is growing in popularity due to its flexibility and wide range of available courses. So, whilst at home take advantage of the several universities and colleges offering free online tuition. You’ll be able to find several types of media and material from audiobooks to articles to help you study. So, take your time to find a course that suits your interests and come out of quarantine a protégé Einstein.


7. Become A Yoga Enthusiast

Inject wellness activities into your routine by practising yoga and meditation. Challenge yourself to practise every few days or even just once a week depending on your schedule. Record how you feel as a result of increased mindfulness, maybe by keeping a written or video recorded diary. Your body and mind will become healthier by incorporating skills centred around wellbeing into your weekly routines – bonus!

8. Become A DIY Extraordinaire

A little bit of DIY goes a long way! It’s the season to spring clean, redecorate and reorganise, allowing you plenty of opportunities to sharpen up those DIY skills. Start with that shelf you’ve been meaning to put up for the past few months, or maybe you’re ready to repaint a room. Either way scroll through the web for inspiration and tutorials on how to become your very own handyman (or woman), painter and interior designer.

9. Become A Social Media Superstar

Still wondering what a Tik Tok is? Now is the time to find out. Get social media savvy over the next few weeks, after all everyone’s on it creating content, sharing memes and making one another laugh. Social media can be a great way to stay connected with the world and let off a bit of steam. We’ll see you there 😎.

10. Become A Celebrity Backup Dancer

Whatever your dancing goals are, you can reach them.After all, now you’ve got the time to learn iconic routines step by step whether it's from Beyoncé or Bruno Mars! If you’ve decided to embrace the world of Tik Tok you can even post your successes on there. Why not learn a group routine via video call? Ready to whip out at the first post social distancing meet up!

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