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#PrimarkMeets TJ

Let’s celebrate individuality and start by getting to know one another! Spend some time finding out more about our summer campaign model TJ? She talks about being authentic in each moment, reminisces on her first kiss, and discusses her constant journey of self-discovery.


Who was your first true love?

My first true love is my mum.

When was your first kiss?

My first kiss was in kindergarten with a girl named Chelsea. We kissed at the top of the slide and I apologised before I kissed her. I said "I’m sorry for wearing these clothes, my parents chose them".

What does being comfortable in your own skin mean to you?

Being comfortable in my own skin means confidently living my authentic truth.

Is home truly where the heart is?

Yes, home is truly where the heart is, also my comfy bed.

Where is your happy place?

My happy place is with my lover, Macy.

What does ‘one love’ mean to you?

One Love reminds me of being 17 years old.

What do you love most about yourself?

What I love most about myself is my journey and courage.

Who did you want to be, as a child?

Growing up I wanted to be a Formula One driver.

What makes a person beautiful?

What makes a person beautiful is kindness and empathy for others.

What makes you, you?

I express myself by being authentic in each moment.

What makes you feel connected to people?

What makes me feel connected to people is laughing, sharing stories and vulnerable moments.

What makes you feel content?

I feel content when my pay check hits direct deposit.

Who are you?

I am a multi-dimensional human, who is constantly exploring and transforming.

Who do you admire most in life, and are they an inspiration to you?

The people I admire the most are my grandparents.

TJ's Quick Fire Round :

Anarchy or order? Anarchy

Make up or fresh faced? Both

Heels or trainers? Neither, I’ll take cowboy boots

Day or night? I like day and night

Dressed up or dressed down? I want it all

What’s your favourite word? Inspire

Are you a morning person or night owl? Depends on how much sleep I get

Fave pizza topping? I like salad on my pizza

Last person you text? My Dad

Puppies or kittens? That’s impossible to choose

Biggest pet peeve? Stinky feet

What’s your life motto? Live your truth

What’s your favourite emoji? Crazy face 😜

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