Primark commits to pay for outstanding finished goods and suppliers’ fabric liabilities

    31 juli 2020

    Primark is announcing today a further substantial commitment to suppliers, pledging to pay our garment suppliers in full for all outstanding finished garments and to utilise or pay for any finished fabric liabilities.

    Primark ondersteunt de vandaag aangekondigde ‘ILO COVID-19 Global Garment Industry Action’

    22 april 2020

    Primark staat achter de vandaag gedane aankondiging door de Internationale Arbeidsorganisatie (IAO) van de Verenigde Naties (VN). Hierin wordt dringend opgeroepen tot samenwerking om arbeiders in de wereldwijde kledingindustrie die zijn getroffen door de COVID-19-pandemie te ondersteunen.

    Primark breidt ondersteuning aan leveranciers uit met extra afname van £ 370 miljoen Dit betreft zowel afgewerkte producten als die nog in productie zijn

    20 april 2020

    Primark kondigt vandaag aan dat een extra £ 370 miljoen wordt vrijmaakt voor gedane productbestellingen. Dit bedrag komt bovenop de £ 1,5 miljard aan voorraad wat het bedrijf in winkels en depots heeft of wat momenteel nog vervoerd wordt. Dit betekent dat alle producten tot aan de opleverdatum

    Primark donates care packs for NHS staff at new Nightingale Hospital

    17 april 2020

    Primark is donating care packs filled with 74,000 products including underwear, leggings, t-shirts, footwear, and towels for NHS frontline staff working at the UK’s new NHS Nightingale Hospital in London, boxed and delivered by Primark volunteers.

    Primark pledges wages for factory workers

    03 april 2020

    Following the global covid-19 health crisis Primark announces today that it has established a fund to cover the wages component of orders that have been cancelled.

    A statement from Paul Marchant, Primark CEO, on the company’s decision to place no new orders with suppliers

    22 maart 2020

    The current situation has been so fast moving. We could not have foreseen that over the course of 12 days, our stores in every country in which we operate have had to close. We have therefore been left with no option but to take this action. We have large quantities of existing stock in our stores, our depots and in transit, that is paid for and if we do not take this action now we will be taking delivery of stock that we simply cannot sell. This is unprecedented action for unprecedented and frankly unimaginable times.