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Looking to add an opulent touch to your home? Tap into the regency trend with our latest homeware must-haves.

Apr 6 · 5 min read

You don’t need to be a period drama connoisseur to appreciate the latest interiors trend for regency inspired details. Our latest range takes inspiration from statues, columns and opulent regency pieces. The result? A whimsical pastel collection perfect for creating calm and comfort.

Covetable Shaped Candles

Filling up mantelpieces, shelves, and social media feeds, the trend for quirky shaped candles is going nowhere fast. From bubbles and bodies to statues and columns, our extensive range of shaped candles contains something for everyone. Nestle them in a tabletop tray or use them to fill empty shelf spots.

White Sculpted Head Candle

White Sculpted Head Candle £2.50

Pink Bubble Candle

Pink Bubble Candle £4

An Opulent Tablescape

Wanna be the host with the most? Inject regency vibes into your next dinner party with our transparent pastel toned candlestick holders, a chic take on the candelabra. Complete the look with our twisted taper dinner candles and scalloped placemats.

Nothing quite makes us feel like royalty than indulging in afternoon tea so snap up our adorable scalloped teacup set and tiered cake stand to recreate the treat at home.

Afternoon Tea

4pk Scalloped Tea Cup Set £16, 3 Tier Cake Stand £18, Floral Napkins £1.50

Tablescape with candles

Clear Bubble Candle Holder £4, 2pk Swirl Coloured Dinner Candles £1.50, 2pk Ornate Wine Glasses £10, 2pk Ornate Coupe Glasses £14

A Bedroom Boudoir

New bedding is the perfect way to instantly refresh your bedroom. Choose from ethereal floral prints or romantic ruffled duvet sets to get a feminine finish. Then, add depth and warmth to your sleeping space with our range of plush velvet cushions and frilled throws.

Breakfast in bed

2pk Pink Scalloped Placemats £5, 4pk Scalloped Tea Cup Set £16 Pink Floral Double Duvet Set £11, Pink Velvet Oblong Cushion £7, Pink Velvet Square Cushion £7, Female Bust Ornament £4

Home decor accessories

Pink Quartz Bookends £10, Pink Frilled Knit Throw £14, Boucle Bench £45

Scent Your Spaces

Looking for scented candles you can light for to upgrade a self-care sesh or to fill a room with sweet smells? We’ve got you covered. Our chic embossed seal and bell jar candles will add an instant luxe-look to your bedside table. Then, simply choose your favourite scent from our range of budget-friendly diffusers.

ceramic candles

Blue Candle with Embossed Seal £4, Glazed Ceramic Candle £4, Ceramic 200ml Diffuser £6


Eau De Parfum 20ml £2.50 each

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