Primania Gallery Terms

What is Primania?

Primania is our online gallery showcasing the amazing outfit choices our customers create!

How do I upload photos to the Primania gallery?

  • Hashtag your image on Instagram with #Primania and/or #Primark.
  • Remember your profile must be set to public in order for us to view your image.
  • If your image is selected for our gallery via social media, you will receive an Instagram comment from @primark (Instagram) (or in certain circumstances, a direct message) requesting permission from you to use your image and social media username in our gallery, in our social media postings, on our website ( (our "Site")), and in our stores, and also in our marketing communications, including in our emails and on our social media channels.
  • Please reply to the Instagram comment (or direct message) with #YesPrimark to give your permission for us to display your image on our gallery and for us to use your image in our social media postings, on our Site and in our stores, and also in our marketing communications, including in our emails and on our social media channels.
  • Due to the large number of submissions via social media, you will only be contacted if your image has been selected to appear in our gallery.
  • We use a service called Social Native to review images for inclusion in the Primania gallery.
  • We will process the personal data in your image in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

What type of picture is not allowed?

We are inclusive! We are Amazing! However, we are always kind and we want to make sure that our platform is inclusive to all members of our community. Our moderators will review all images before they are added to our gallery. To help our moderators here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Copyrighted/Trademarked Material: We cannot use any images that show any other third-party brand logos even if it is in the background so be aware of where you pose.
  • Abusive imagery: Primark does not condone abuse or bullying in any form. We will not select any images that may portray behaviour which is threatening, violent, harassing, abusive, offensive, criminal, hateful, inflammatory, discriminatory, profane or which may be considered to be bullying. #EverydaySexism is something we avoid at all costs. We aim to never gender stereotype on any of our channels.
  • Impersonation: Any profiles impersonating anyone will not be considered.
  • Graphic Content: We will not select highly sexualised images. Some of our audience are very young and we want to set a good example for them.
  • Other Content: Please ensure your image does not reference or include alcohol, smoking, cigarettes, other tobacco products, electronic cigarettes or electronic cigarette refill containers, prescription-only medicine or gambling. This includes in the background of the image.
  • Permission: Please be aware that everyone in the picture must be aware and have provided permission for the image to be posted on our Site and social channels and to be used in marketing communications. This includes any parental permissions required.

Some tips to get the best picture!

We have asked the experts how to get the best picture. Here are some tips and tricks to use.

  • Ensure all pictures are of the highest quality, in-focus and cropped correctly.
  • We love attention to detail and so do our customers.
  • Don’t use a border or any filters.
  • Make sure your picture doesn’t have any links or text on it.

How will my image and any other details I provide be used:

  • By uploading your image and using our hashtags, you are permitting the image, your social media username and all those featured in the image to be selected for display on our Site, in the Primania gallery, on our social channels and in our Primark stores. You are also permitting us to use the image and your social media username in our marketing communications, including in our emails and on our social media channels. Primark will select images at its discretion and makes no promises that your image will be selected.
  • You retain all rights in your images.
  • If you use your social media platform to upload the image, Primark may have access to public information on your profile and any information you choose to share on your profile. The management of how your personal data is used on your social media account is up to you and the social media provider and not Primark.

What do I do if I want my image removed from the gallery?

If you have given permission for us to use your image and social media username and you later decide that you want the image and/or social media username to be removed, please contact us by email at Please send us screenshots of the image(s) and/or social media username that you would like us to remove and we will remove it.

I have a complaint about an image I have seen on your gallery, what do I do?

If you feel an image we have displayed on our gallery is inappropriate, offensive or is violating someone’s legal rights, then you can contact us at the following email address outlining your complaint and we will review it. Please also send us a screenshot of the image you are referring to. 

Where can I find your Privacy Notice?

Our Privacy Notice can be found at the following.

Where can I find your website terms of use?

Our Terms of Use can be accessed.

I’ve clicked on the Primania gallery but the page is not displaying

When you entered our Site you were given the option to accept or reject cookies on our Site. If you haven’t accepted ALL cookies on our Site, the Primania gallery page will not display. Please read our Privacy Notice and Cookie Policy for more information about how we use cookies on our Site.

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