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Gold Home Accessories

If you’re redecorating, spice up your space with gold ornaments to get that glow! Our range also has plant pots, decorations and much more to choose from.

Feb 18 · 2 min read

Gold Home Accessories from Primark’s Collection

Everytime you walk into a room it sets a mood - what’s yours saying? Some new aesthetic bedroom décor can really change the feel of your surroundings and our new homeware collection is perfectly suited to help you cast your mind to golden landscapes far, far away.

Inject desert hues of sunshine and sand into your bedroom through geo printed duvet covers, aquatic blue cushion covers, pillows and throws, and add powder tones and pale sunset pinks into the mix through cushions and candles. Perfect for recreating that feeling of a warm summer’s evening.

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Large elephant ornament £7, yellow ditsy print single duvet £9, yellow ditsy print double duvet £11, yellow ditsy print king size duvet £12

Feeling comfy in your own home is an absolute must! So creating that inner sanctuary is really important. To get you feelin’ cosy, pick our cotton bed sheets with a luxurious thread count, so you can really relax and wind down on a soft plush bed. Pair this extra comfy bedding with our yellow ditsy throw and you’ll roll into bed with a smile on your face, knowing how well you’ll sleep thanks to our Primark Home items collection.

Using decorative metal tea light holders from our collection can really help to make a room glisten after dark. Be sure to add plenty of greenery to maintain that soothing feeling of bringing the outside in, we’ve got plenty of cute plant pots to choose from! This calming ambience should be enough to create a truly soothing environment - for more tips on bringing the outside in, check out our easy steps to make your room come alive.

How to Decorate a Modern Living Room

Along with finding great elegant pieces like our gold ornaments, it’s a must to place them with purpose to make your space shine like it deserves to.

Taking inspiration from our album, you can get some inspo for a stylish new set up in your home. Modern living room decor is all about playing with light, whether it's using gold or metallic elements, mirrors or natural light. So, get creative with those gold home accessories!

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Large gold lantern £14, Buddha ornament £3.50

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Large gold lantern £14, large elephant ornament £7, flower tealight holder £4.50, single glass votive £2.50

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