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How To Use Packing Cubes

Consider yourself a packing pro? Let’s discuss how to use packing cubes and see if their worth the hype.

Anna Slatcher
by Anna Slatcher

So, you’ve set the holiday countdown, bought new clothes and airport outfits and stocked up on last minute toiletries. Now comes the fun (or not so fun) part — packing! Let’s face it, at some point or another, we’ve all had excess baggage. The question is, how can you organise it? We’ve got just the solution — packing cubes. Yes, this organisational luggage phenomenon is hitting shelves and packing a punch in the travel industry, but are they really worth it? It’s time to make your baggage something you’ll be proud to claim as yours! Next stop: Costa del hol. 

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Packing cubes

What Are Packing Cubes? 

A packing cube is a flexible fabric container, usually secured by a zip closure to compartmentalise your luggage inside a suitcase, holdall, or backpack. They’re a luggage accessory you wouldn’t catch us on vacay without! Packing cubes make sure to utilise every inch of your baggage and help to keep clothes neat, tidy and wrinkle free. If you want to go from the one who throws every piece of summer clothing they own into a suitcase (and sits on it to close it shut, might we add), to the one who sections their carefully curated holiday edit in an organised manner, packing cubes will be your saving grace. 

What Are Compression Packing Cubes? 

If you’re tight on space, compression packing cubes could be just the solution for you. With the same benefits as a regular packing cube, this type helps to compress out the air to minimise the package size and therefore, further optimise your luggage space. Compression packing cubes are ideal for extended stay trips so you can squeeze everything you’ll likely need into your suitcases. 


Pros Of Packing Cubes 

No one likes a delay, so without further ado, let’s unpack the benefits of packing cubes.  

Packing Cubes Keep Your Luggage Organised

Getting organised for a trip away has never been easier (or more satisfying) than when using packing cubes. Check everything off your travel list by compartmentalising your luggage into categories like bikini sets, dresses for women and shoes.  

Packing Cubes Save Space In Your Luggage

You can utilise every inch of the space available in your suitcase by using different sized packing cubes to separate and organise items. 

Packing Cubes Reduce Wrinkles

Did you know rolling your clothes and neatly packing them in packing squares is a space saver as well as helping to minimise wrinkles? Try it next time you travel. Those gorgeous maxi dresses will stay crease-free.

Speeds Up Packing And Unpacking

You can load your case in record time and with military precision using packing cubes. Plus, you'll have yourself to thank on arrival home to find laundry items separated from clean clothes. That dreaded post-holiday wash load will actually be off your mind once you pack all the dirties into a dedicated packing cube before returning home. Now that’s what we call a pack mentality! 

Packing cubes

Easier To Find Items In Your Luggage

Looking for your favourite holiday shorts or mini dresses to change into upon arrival? No problem. They’re rolled up in the packing cube reserved for daytime looks. You’re welcome!  

It's Easier To Locate Smaller Items

Be sure to pack small items together to easily grab them out at a moment’s notice. No more digging through your daytime looks to find those buried headphones.  

Packing Cubes Help To Keep Your Clothes Clean

With shoes and clothes in separate packing cubes you can rest assured you won’t be opening your suitcase to find a dirty footprint on an evening outfit! So flaunt that smart co-ord or a vibrant midi dress confidently.   

Packing Cubes Make It Easier To Travel With A Carry-On Only

Accidentally pulling out a pair of underwear with your passport at security will be a thing of the past with them safely stowed in a packing cube inside your hand luggage. 

Packing Cubes Can Function As Extra Bags

That’s right, your packing cube is for more than just organising your luggage. Why not take it to the beach to keep essentials like sun cream, sunglasses and wireless headphones. We love a multi-use bag, don’t you?  

Cons Of Using Packing Cubes  

Like someone kicking the back of your seat on a flight, everything can have its downsides. Luckily, packing cubes only have a few, but let’s check-in with them anyway. 

Using Packing Cubes Costs Money

It’s true, packing cubes can be a costly addition to your travels, but when you combine our cost-effective prices and the time you save on sorting through disorganised luggage, they’re more of an investment if you ask us. Plus, you can re-use packing cubes year after year, unlike the latest fashion fad, packing cubes aren’t set to go out of style anytime soon.  

 They Add Weight To Your Luggage

If you’re on a strict weight limit, you might worry that packing cubes will add unwanted kilograms to your luggage. Our solution? Opt for lightweight options like our mesh packing cubes for maximum organisation and minimal weight — that sounds like something we can get on board with! 

When Would You Use Packing Cubes? 

There are no rules about when you can and can’t use them! Whether you love an impromptu long weekend getaway or are heading on your highly anticipated summer vacation, packing cubes will be your new bestie while getting organised for your trip. 


Who Should Use Packing Cubes? 

Whether you’re travelling for pleasure or business, packing cubes are suitable for everyone seeking an organised travel experience. While we usually suggest leaving the packing to the adults, why not grab some packing cubes for kids and get them involved, too? Organised fun is still fun... right? 

Check out our suitcase size guide and it suitcase sizes for more handy travel tip!


What To Look For In A Packing Cube? 

To select your packing cubes wisely, you’ll want to think durable and lightweight while also covering all bases with different sizes. Mesh packing cubes are a wise choice as they tick all the boxes mentioned, give good visibility of your items, plus with zip fastenings, you can be sure everything will stay as you packed it. Small packing cubes are perfect for underwear and toiletries, while large packing cubes come into their own for bulkier items like shoes, jeans and dresses.  

How To Use Packing Cubes Effectively? 

  1. Choose the right size packing cubes for your most-used suitcase 

  2. Use them to organise your belongings into categories that are easy for you to identify  

  3. Roll your clothes instead of folding them to reduce wrinkles and save on space 

  4. Maximize space by filling empty gaps with smaller items such as chargers and socks 

  5. Zip it up! Zip fastened packing cubes make it easy to secure and unleash the goods inside  

Packing cubes inside a suitcase

Are Packing Cubes Really Worth It? 

So, do packing cubes really save space, time and hassle? It’s a resounding yes from us! You’ll be setting yourself up for packing success by using zip-up cubes to solve a disorganised luggage dilemma. Ready, steady pack!  



Should You Use A Packing Cube With Zips Or Drawstrings? 

Zipped packing cubes help to keep everything as you packed it. Using a drawstring pouch could risk your items being wrinkled in transit. 

Are Packing Cubes Just For Travelling? 

While they’re the ideal travel companion for your daily commute or trips to the other side of the world, consider your packing cubes closer to home too when storing your everyday essentials.  

Do Packing Cubes Actually Help? 

If you ask us, packing cubes have changed the way we pack for the better. They really help to organise your suitcase for the best travel experience.  

Do Packing Cubes Work Better Than Rolling? 

While rolling your clothes reduces wrinkles and saves on space, it doesn’t protect your clothes from potential spills or dirt from shoes. Using packing cubes to separate your belongings helps to keep them clean and fresh. Roll your clothes then place inside the packing cubes for best results. 

Are Packing Compression Cubes Worth It? 

Packing cubes are sufficient for most trips, but if you’re tight on space for a long stay getaway, compression cubes are a great option. 

Do I Need Different Sizes Of Packing Cubes? 

It’s ideal to have different sized packing cubes so you can utilise your luggage space effectively. Look out for packing cube sets when shopping for these travel essentials. 

Do Clothes Get More Wrinkled In Packing Cubes? 

Packing cubes aim to reduce the chance of wrinkles. If you roll and pack your clothes inside packing cubes, they’re less likely to unfold or bunch up in transit resulting in less wrinkles — yay!  

What Can I Use Instead Of A Packing Cube? 

A set of multi-size packing cubes is best, but you could use mesh wash bags, laundry bags or zip lock bags for smaller items to help organise your luggage.  

Can You Get Packing Cubes For Kids? 

Yes! Grab some kids packing cubes in fun colours and designs so their luggage can be differentiated from yours, whether they're sharing a suitcase or using their own.