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Kids First Bedroom Top Tips

We’ve got kids bedroom décor suitable for every age and stage! Scroll down for our guide to transforming their sleeping space on budget.

Jul 24 · 6 min read

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There’s no doubt it feels like only yesterday you were prepping a nursery ready for their arrival but if your little one is making the transition into their ‘big bed’ it’s probably time to rethink their bedroom décor. Creating a haven they can sleep, dream and play in is easy, simply follow our top tips below!

Printed Single Duvet Set

Printed Single Duvet Set £10

1) Choose A Kids Bedroom Theme

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a theme for your kids first bedroom but longevity is key. After all, you’ll want to avoid redecorating every time their ‘favourite’ character changes! Steer clear of specifics and instead choose a theme that’ll grow with them. Whether they’re an animal lover, avid adventurer, or a wannabe mermaid, we’ve got plenty of pieces to choose from.

Mermaid Tail Blanket, Shell Print Quilted Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket £16 Shell Print Quilted Blanket £14

Dinosaur cushions

2) Add Wall Art

Statement wallpaper can get boring quickly – particularly for mini-me’s whose hobbies and interests change with the seasons. Our easy to remove adhesive wall decals are a great way to spruce up plain walls, especially in rented spaces. We’ve got a range of themed kids wall art canvases and decorative bunting too.

Seahorse Shaped Cushion

Seahorse Shaped Cushion £8

3) Stock Up On Storage Solutions

If you’re raising a mini bookworm our shaped shelves are the perfect wall storage solutions to encourage them to keep their book collection neat and tidy. Our colourful or character shaped basket storage is a great solution for stashing away toys, laundry and their latest art creations at the end of each day – organised chaos at its best!

Dinosaur Wall Map, Dinosaur Bunting, Dinosaur Wall Decals, Dinosaur Growth Chart

Dinosaur Wall Map £7, Dinosaur Bunting £4, Dinosaur Wall Decals £2, Dinosaur Growth Chart £6

Mermaid Printed Wall Canvases 3pk, Mermaid Bunting, Mermaid Wall Decals

Mermaid Printed Wall Canvases 3pk £8, Mermaid Bunting £4, Mermaid Wall Decals £2

4) Sweet Dreams Guaranteed

Make bedtime a breeze by introducing fresh new printed bedding sets. We’ve plenty of patterned and themed single duvet sets to choose from. Seal the deal by adding a couple of our kids plush cushions or fun shaped throws and blankets.

Read our duvet tog guide for more information on tog ratings and choose the best duvets for a better nights sleep.

Green Dinosaur Cushion, Yellow Dinosaur Cushion, Dinosaur Roll Up Blanket, Glow In The Dark Printed Throw, Dinosaur Photo Frame

Green Dinosaur Cushion £8, Yellow Dinosaur Cushion £10, Dinosaur Roll Up Blanket £12 Glow In The Dark Printed Throw £7, Dinosaur Photo Frame £4