Nursery set up, showing wooden cot, drawers, rugs, toys and storage baskets

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Nursery Styling & Shelfies 101

Creating the perfect play and sleep-inducing sanctuary is essential so keep scrolling for our nursery décor top tips.

Mar 28 · 3 min read

Make sure your nursery is ready and waiting for its newest occupant. If you had all of the basics sorted since they were born then now it’s time to add some of their personality. Keep reading for our simple steps to help you get your nursery set up looking stylish and most-importantly, practical!

Nursery Shelfie Styling

Shelfies are the latest trend to take over the homeware world. From living rooms and dining rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms, here are a few of our top tips for incorporating the shelfie aesthetic into your nursery whatever your space looks like.

Nursery set up, showing shelfie which displays frames, storage baskets, plush toys and rugs

Multi-Coloured Star Rug £18, Rainbow-Shaped Basket £10, Cream Woven Bear Basket £6, Beige Woven Bear Basket £6, Wooden Sensory Ball £9, Small Wooden Cars £2, Small Lamb Plush Toy £2

Nursery set up at night, showing shelfie with fairylights, rugs, soft toys and storage baskets

Wall Height Measurement Plush £9, Colour Changing Elephant Light £3, Wooden Abacus £9, Medium Frog Plush Toy £3.50, Wooden Play Bench £7, Plush Milestone Blocks £7, Star Colour-Changing Light £3

Less is definitely more! – Stick to framing only your favourite family snaps and pairing with our cute wooden toys and colour changing lights. Avoid things looking too regimented by sticking to odd numbers of items and staggering pieces of different heights.

Utilise all levels - Cupboards and ledges that are higher up are the perfect place to store any sentimental trinkets and photos to keep them far away from your little one and avoid any potential choking hazards, while bookcases and side tables are perfect for displaying their favourite plush toys and books. Ensure you take advantage of any handles or hooks to hang clothing, storage baskets or nursery decorations from to add extra points of interest!

Tummy Time & Tepee Set Up’s

We know that tummy time is pivotal to your little one’s development so including space for them to strengthen their neck muscles and help them on their way to rolling over, crawling, standing (and eventually walking!) is essential. Whether the flooring in their nursery is wooden or carpeted, you’ll want to protect their knees, tummy and head with one of our blanket, quilt or faux fur rug options. Our snuggly, soft and aww-inducing bunny sit-up play cushion is the ultimate tummy-time must-have.

PSA: Our tepee offerings make the perfect cosy den for you and your little one.

Baby lays on white bunny sit up cushion, with milestone blanket underneath

White Bunny Sit Up Play Seat/Cushion £13, White Bunny Plush Book £4, Milestone Blanket £12

Nursery set up with teepee, rug and toys

All-Over-Print Teepee £25, Plush Lamb Rocker £28, Long-Legged Bunny Plush Toy £5, Wooden Stacker £6, 50pc Wooden Blocks Set £9

Cot Bedding & Moses Basket Must-Haves

The most important part of the nursery is where your little one sleeps. Starting with the base layers, browse our collection of fitted sheets, available for both cots and moses baskets (and in handy 2pk’s so you always have a spare!)

Next up, layer our super soft double-sided blankets over the top and then to keep their little heads and hands protected against the edges of the cot or basket, take your pick from our adorable range of novelty shaped cushions. Once you’ve found their favourite plush toy or rattle, the sweetest sleep set-up is ready and waiting….

Baby crib set up with cot sheet, pillows and baby rattle

Heart Cushion £4, Cloud Cushion £4, Yellow Waffle Blanket £8, 2pk Fitted Cot Sheet £7, 2pk Fitted Cot Bed Sheet £8

Baby lays in moses basket

Faux Fur Cloud Rug £18, 2pk Fitted Moses Basket Sheet £6, Lamb Plush Rattle £3.50

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