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Monica Geller Outfits

Get that 90s look with a classic Monica Geller outfit! From ripped mom jeans to cute 90s t-shirts, get some inspo from this beloved Friends character!

Apr 16 · 2 min read

Monica Geller Outfits

Can you believe it’s been 25 years since the Friends pilot hit our screens? The generation-defining sitcom shows no signs of fading into the background, with many-a-Sunday still spent watching back-to-back episodes of Monica and the gang. The recentFriends reunion show proved that the gang still have great chemistry and that our interest in them is as strong as ever.

But, even if you haven’t hit Friends superfan status just yet, there’s no denying there’s some serious outfit inspiration to be had from our favourite Central Perk-dwelling Manhattanites and Monica Geller is no exception!

Courteney Cox: 90s Style Icon

Case in point, Monica Geller. Her sensible and organised ways spilled over into her wardrobe, as she opted for cool, clean and casual looks. Ms Geller had a way of making a white tee work, adding an edge with her classic ripped mom jeans. Monica Geller’s outfits provided a masterclass in 90s laid-back dressing providing us with endless outfit inspo!

If you really want to steal Monica’s style, you’ll need to grab a pair of relaxed fit jeans - these will be your staple when creating your Friends-inspired ‘fits. Pair with a simple white polo neck 90s t-shirt, or a knotted shirt for all the retro feels. When the warmer weather finally kicks in, we reckon a cropped cami will do just the trick too. Monica’s outfits also look great finished off with a more colourful item: what about our leopard print shoes, these are a fun and easy choice of footwear so try pairing them with some of your 90s fashion trends favourites.

Friends Clothes for Super-Fans

If Central Perk and its regular visitors are always on your telly, you may want to get some of our dedicated Friends clothing or merch to really show your love for the gang. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of cool items that pay tribute to Friends, from makeup bags, to stationery and super cute pin badges. if you’re a lover of the Joey Tribiani: “how you doin?”, you’ll get a kick out of seeing it every time you whip out your pencil case. Our cosy and cute Friends pyjamas also let you keep your love of the show with you at all times and are perfect for lazy days binge-watching this 90s comedy classic on the sofa with your best pals.

Primark Monica Geller Image

Ripped jeans, white top

Primark Monica Geller Image

Pyjama set, socks

Primark Monica Geller Image

Jeans, striped top