Impressed by our collection? Oh stop, you’re making us blush! At least, that’s what we would say if we were modest, but you should be dazzled by our selection of blusher. Heaped with gorgeous products in a variety of formulas and consistencies, you can expect pigmented powder blush and a variety of liquid blush in neutral shades of pink and pops of terracotta red from our range, plus so much more! With each product carefully developed to help enhance your features and provide an enviable wash of colour for a perfectly flushed complexion, you’re sure to find your favourite amongst our cream blush compacts and travel-friendly blush palettes. From buildable colour to lightweight liquids, matte powders to satin skin-like finishes, pinched cheeks and a fresh face are practically a non-negotiable here. Since we’re all friends, we’ll let you in on a secret though — our peach blush is totally made for the latte makeup look. Don’t forget to check out our blush guide for tips on choosing the right shade and effortless application!

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