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Primark Meets Female Comedian Abi Clarke

Ready to laugh yourself silly? Meet our fave female comedian Abi Clarke and discover what’s new in the world of British comedy!

Nov 27 · 3 min read

Our latest Spotlight falls on 24-year-old, stand-up comedian Abi Clarke from Bristol, UK. Get a belly full of laughs and read our interview with Abi below!

The Rise of Stand-up Comedian Abi Clarke

Grown in popularity from her comedy sketches on Instagram and TikTok, Abi should be on your ones-to-watch list for the year ahead. Her audience has changed a lot from her gig days performing to men in their 50’s "who weren’t quite so hot on their Love Island, Sims and Twilight references." So Abi went online in the hope of finding other young women with a relatable sense of humour.

Now that she’s found her crowd, she loves watching people excitedly respond to her comedy sketches, “I have a special place in my heart for my sketch about leaving a hairband on your wrist on your wedding day, as it seemed to resonate with so many women and I am still inundated with hairband pics daily! It’s like an inside joke with all of my followers and I love it!”

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We also asked Abi for some words of wisdom about keeping creative and following through with your dreams! "It’s just about getting into the right mindset and giving it a go. I think we’re all held back by the fear of failing or not wanting to try because 'it’ll probably be a waste of time' or 'it’ll probably fail anyway'."

“I definitely also had a fear of people judging me, and I was worried about not having the equipment or capability to do it. But I think what’s most important is that we don’t feel any pressure to do something just because we 'should' or because other people are. Just do what keeps you happy, sane and remember that everyone looks better on Instagram!"

She’s funny and wise - what a combination! Keep up to date to Abi’s sketches on her TikTok, Instagram and Twitter – enjoy!

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