Winter Warmth

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Winter Cabincore Décor

Transform your home into a cosy cabin escape this winter with our chic new homeware and accessories. Scroll down for more…

Oct 9 · 7 min read

The cold weather is slowly creeping up on us and we’re already manifesting a mini-weekend break in a log cabin. Imagine that perfect layer of snow mixed with a warm fire and woodland-inspired décor, bliss! While retreating to this snug sanctuary would be exceptionally comforting, we have everything you need to channel that Scandinavian cabin aesthetic in your own home. 

Winter Bedding and Throws

There’s nothing more blissful than winding down under a warm duvet after a long day – and we have the antidote you need to create a cosy sleep haven. Switching up your duvet set is a quick and easy way to change your surroundings so start by introducing warm, earthy tones to your bedding to create a soothing opulence that captures the winter colour palette. From nature-inspired prints and fleece-lined textures, add our rustic duvet covers and throws to your winter haven for a comfy and timeless appeal.


Bedding and throws

Cotton Flat Double Sheet €15, Ribbed Faux Fur Throw €28, 2PK Ribbed Cushions €12, Brown Faux Fur Throw €20, Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle €6, Faux Fur Oblong Cushion €5

Winter Cosy Cushions

This season we’re all about hosting movie nights whilst snuggling up on the sofa with a hot drink. However, if you’re looking to make this scene even cosier, you’re going to need to throw some cushions into the mix. Incorporating complementary and clashing textures into your home is at the heart of the Cabincore trend and our faux fur and printed accessories are perfect for tapping into the interior theme while creating an inviting hygge look your guests will love.

Winter cushions

Faux Fur Spot Cushion €5, Ribbed Faux Fur Throw €28

Winter cushions

Cheetah Spot Faux Fur Cushion €12, Striped Faux Fur Throw €35, Faux Fur Cushion €5

Winter Home Accessories

Looking to add the final touches to your cosy cabin room inspo? Our accessories have got you covered. Scattering small details around your interior such as winter-themed candles can easily liven up your living space while adding a subtle nod to the seasonal mood. From cinnamon to vanilla, we have the scents you need to add an instant festive-inspired aroma while also radiating a soft glow. Bring a slice of the outdoors inside with our vast array of winter foliage alongside some family photos for a chic and striking accent. Now, slide on your comfy pyjamas and grab a hot chocolate, we’ll be hibernating at home until further notice…

Home Accessories

Tall Handle Glazed Vase €6, Scented Candle €2, Hexagonal Glass Candle €3, Lined Glass Wax Candle €9