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Back To School Checklist 2023

The sound of the school bell is approaching so we’re here to help you tick off those must-have school supplies ASAP!

Aug 29 · 7 min read

Got their school uniform already? Keep scrolling for an easy-to-follow guide to our essential back to school accessories. From school shoes to backpacks and stationery, we’re leaving no box unchecked on your-first day-back list.

Back to School Supplies & Stationery

While they might tell you they need E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G from our school supplies section, here's a list of the top picks we know they’ll need every day.

  • Pencil Cases

They’ll need something to keep all their supplies in, right? Shop our pencil cases now, from the classics to multi-compartment picks for exams time.

  • Notebooks

Getting them to practice spelling and times tables can be a tricky task. So our notebooks and planners make studying look super cool.

  • Pens

Take our word for it: they’ll go through these FAST. From black and blue pen multipacks to lots of ballpoint pen sets, we have it all, all year long.

  • Pencils & Coloring Pencils

From arts and crafts to drafts of their work, pencils and coloring pencils are a back to basic they’ll always want lots of.

  • Pencil Sharpeners

Got plenty of pencils? Don’t forget the sharpeners...


Younger Child Ecru/Pink Leopard Print Sweatshirt $6, Younger Child Navy Joggers $5, Younger Child Pink Leggings $3.50, Younger Child Navy Varsity Dino Squad $6, ounger Child Navy Joggers $5, Younger Child Navy Speckle Sole Sneakers $12

  • Highlighters

For all their VIPs (Very Important Points): colorful highlighters are the easiest way to make taking notes more fun. 

  • Erasers

Rub out mistakes with our school erasers: from funky colors to fun shapes, we'll have picks they'll love.

  • Rulers

The true measure of stationery success? A well-stocked pencil case. Make sure they have a school-worthy ruler ready for drawing and measuring.

  • Lunchboxes

Lunchtime's a crucial part of their day, so make sure their fave foods and snacks are safely stashed in one our lunchboxes or bags.

Child's Bag

Younger Child White Velcro Low Tops $12


Lilac/Pink Color Block Backpack $12

School Uniform

Make sure they have plenty of school uniform pieces to get them through the week (and weekly laundry) with our back to school basics.

  • Polo Shirts

A school essential, whatever the weather Pair our polos with their school pants, skirts or dresses as a casual sub for their dressier shirts.

  • Sweaters

Keep 'em warm every day: pick up our great-buy school sweater multipacks. Don’t forget the name labels...

  • Shoes

Whatever the rules for their school shoes, we have a pair to protect those toes.

  • Pants

Searching for gray or black school pants? From dressier picks to our black legging multipacks, make sure they have a look for all their lessons.

  • Coats

Keep the wind and rain out for the school drive or playground breaks with our kids' coat collection.

School Shoes

Older Child Black Bow Ballerinas $7

PE Gear

Got a kiddo bursting with energy? Thank goodness for PE... Make sure they have their sports bag filled with everything they need: see our checklist below.

  • PE Bag

How are they getting their gear from home to the sports field? With a great new PE, bag of course. Let them pick: we have beautiful backpacks and drawstring bags in prints or solids.

  • Sneakers

A love of sports starts at school. So make sure they’re set from the start with sneakers perfect for PE.

  • Shorts

Get their gear ready early with our school shorts multipacks: whatever the dress code, we have a pair ready to tackle any game.

  • Socks

Keep their feet fresh and irritation-free with our sock multipacks. From classic white and black to printed ankle, footie and longer picks, socks never looked so good.

  • Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is vital every day. So encourage them to hit new H2O intake heights with our huge collection of water.

Sports Gear

Burgundy/Navy NJ T-Shirt $8


Younger Child Black Velcro Low Tops

School Bags & Backpacks

Guarantee your kiddo carries their school essentials in style with one of our cool  school backpacks. From their fave characters and colors to great prints,  head in-store for a bag ready to pack for their whole day. Handy design details like our net side pockets and front zip compartments make it easy to access their everyday  supplies.

Marvel Backpack

Black Marvel Spider-Man Backpack $18

School Shoes

Shopping for school shoes doesn't have to be a drag. Basic black and other school shoes for girls and boys are waiting for you in-store. Take your pick of our great kicks, from boots and ballerinas to style-heavy  sneaks.  Little one need footwear with friendly faces for after school? Have a peep at our character picks: from lace up and Velcro straps to slip-on school styles, we have even your tiniest tots’ toes covered this fall.

After-School Essentials

Our school checklist isn’t just for class time: we know the after-school club prep is just as important as their daily essentials.

  • Dresses

After a long day of running around the playground and going to class, getting your little one out of their uniform and into a fresher look is a must. Add one of our floaty, fuss-free school-ready dresses to your basket and style as needed, whatever the season.

  • Jackets

The weather's out of our hands, but prepping your little one for every eventuality tops our to-do list. Let them express themselves with one of our trending jackets, from bombers and sports-style picks to cool shackets and raincoats.

  • Leggings

Leggings are a must for their whole school day. Add our legging multipacks to your basket ASAP: peace of mind when they forget their PE or after-school club gear.


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