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Primark has a strict code of conduct within which our suppliers are expected to work.


Primark's Supplier Code of Conduct is a mandatory requirement for its suppliers. It incorporates the United Nations Charter, Chapter IX, article 55 and is subject to strict and ongoing audits conducted by third parties. Primark takes this Code of Conduct very seriously and its management board reviews it regularly.

Would you like to be a new Primark supplier?

Clothing Suppliers and Goods For Resale

If you'd like to become a product supplier for Primark, please download and read our Code of Conduct and Metal Control Policy.

If you can comply with these conditions please click here to send us your details.

Goods Not For Resale (GNFR)

If you would like to provide GNFR to Primark, please download and read our Code of Conduct.

You should review our terms and conditions for Goods Not For Resale (which may vary slightly, depending on what country/region you are trading in) and also download our Supplier Key Information Pack.

Once you've read all of the above, please send your company's details using this link.