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Our Repair Workshops 

Want to love your most-worn items for longer? You can learn to repair your clothes with our free beginners’ classes in-store. Or scroll to check out our handy how-to video series.

We’ll equip you with all the basics you need to know to make your pieces last longer, from adding buttons and replacing zippers to simple hand sewing techniques. Become a Restyle Icon

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Repair Workshop

Helpful How-To Videos

How To Thread A Needle

The best place to start is at the beginning. A lot of people find threading a needle tricky – watch two easy methods/hacks.  Nailed it? Watch the rest of the sewing series.

Tacking and Running Stitches

These versatile stitches will help you love your clothes for longer, and prevent sewing dilemmas. Simple stitches you can get creative with: a must-know for everyone.

Back Stitch

Need to fix your fave piece? The back stitch looks and acts like a sewing machine stitch, so you can use it to keep fabrics in place. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it’ll make your clothes wearable again.

Slip Stitch

Learn about this cool little stitch that can help hide a seam when bringing fabrics together, like in the lining of a jacket.

Sew Through Buttons

Have a loose button? Don’t chuck it back in the closet: attaching a button isn’t tricky. With a little know-how it can be done in a flash.

Shank and Covered Buttons

This is a fun one.  Want to add buttons to thick fabrics like coats or heavy knitwear? The shank button is for you. This covered button method brings the wow factor, and is super simple.

Lapped Zipper

If your zipper's kaput and needs replacing, watch this guide to add a new one by hand.  Top hack: check out our Stiches series first to learn the basics.

Invisible Zipper

Zipper totally broken on your fave skirt or top? An invisible one shouldn’t be a scary task: watch our other sewing videos to learn the basic stitches needed to carry out this smart trick.

Pockets into Dresses

Ever wished your dress had pockets? This video's for you... Watch to learn how simple sewing techniques can transform the clothes you already love.

Knitwear - Invisible Repair

Want to give your knits a new lease on life? This video will show you how to repair a hole to hardly be seen, so you can love it for longer.

Knitwear - Visible Repair

Time to get creative with your repairs... This video will show you how to repair that knitwear hole with a visible mending technique.

Hem Repair – Invisible Stitches

This easy hack will show you how to subtly repair the hems on your more formal 'fits.

Hem Repair – Visible Stitches

Got a hem down? No worries: this simple video will show you how to get your hems up and back in action.

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