Primark x UNICEF: Keeping our promise.

Primark is contributing $200,000 to aid UNICEF's emergency relief efforts in Sulawesi, Indonesia, after the devastating earthquake and tsunami.

The donation will enhance UNICEF's efforts in the search for children who have been separated from their families, while also caring for the immediate needs of children who have been orphaned and injured.

The funds will also be used to cover education, health, nutrition, sanitation and child protection needs in the country, and to help buy nearly 10,000 water containers, over 1,700 tarpaulin sheets, and approximately 69,000 water purification tablets. Primark’s contribution will also help facilitate 7 water pumps and over 220 temporary schools while the relief efforts are carried out.

On the effects of the natural disaster, Manuel Fontaine, Director of UNICEF EMOPS Division, said: "This devastating earthquake and tsunami have had a catastrophic impact on the island. Our immediate concern, as always, is to ensure the safety and well-being of the children and their families. Children are always the most vulnerable in disasters like this. We know that the next few days are critical, and we need urgent funds to support our work."

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