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Spring cleaning checklist

If there was ever a perfect time to clean, it would be now. After all, home is where we should all be for a while – so make your living space your sanctuary, beginning with a deep clean. A great way to start: make a to-do list for each room. To help you prioritize your tasks, we’ve listed our top hacks below. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a luxurious shower after cleaning!

Spring cleaning image 1

Surfaces And Appliances

Get spraying, scrubbing and wiping! But first, put on some gloves and a cleaning playlist: it’s time to disinfect everything from doorknobs to ovens. It'll leave your home squeaky clean from dirt you can and can’t see. Bonus: you’ll have toned arms from all that work – check "workout" off your list while you’re at it 😉.

Old Clothes & Toys

Spring cleaning's also the time to reorganize and prioritize household items, clothes and toys. That dress you bought 5 years ago for your cousin's wedding? It hasn’t seen the light of day since – let it go. You can upcycle, recycle or give things to charity. The same goes for old toys: just make sure to thoroughly disinfect them. Put them into a box ready to re-gift.

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The Junk Drawer

Maybe it’s a drawer, or maybe it’s a "chairdrobe." Either way, it’s time to find all that stuff a real home. We know you have hidden gems in those drawers, from portable chargers to spare batteries. So take some time to organize them for easier access. Sort by purpose, color or even size. Got a spare utensils organizer? Use it to keep things separate.


A little reminder to clean your makeup brushes and sponges! Warm water and gentle soap will do the trick. Even better: throw past-their-prime brushes away. Give your desk, mirror and makeup packaging a thorough wipedown, too (look at you, a beauty YouTuber in the making 😉).

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The Backyard

Got a backyard? Use this time at home to prep for the summer. Weed, prune and replant, and you'll be surprised at the transformation with a little TLC. Then sit back and watch it grow and change with the seasons.