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A Pineapple Refresh

Primark and Pineapple, can you name a more iconic duo? That’s right the legendary brand has returned with a refresh of this standout collection.

Apr 4 · 1 min read

Our latest selection of Pineapple leisure and activewear is bound to get you moving and shaking this year. Treat yourself to a splash of pink with our versatile and reliable items that you’ll be pulling from your wardrobe on the reg’. You’ll get some fabulous mini me shots with our range for girls, teens and ladies – we can’t wait to see them on #Primania 😉!

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Black Hoodie £16, Glittery Water Bottle £6

Whether Pineapple gives you deep nostalgic vibes or you’re new to the fandom, you’ll find practical yet cute outfits that makes you feel as happy as you’ll look dancing in them. If you’re planning outfits for coffee dates, gym sessions or dance breaks you’ll be comfortable, free to move and looking like a member of the famous dance studios in our latest refresh. From leggings to tracksuit co-ords and crop tops, the list goes on and includes accessories to match!

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Pink Boxy T-Shirt £8, Black Cycling Shorts £7, Black Crop Top £6, Black And Pink Leggings £12

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Pineapple Canvas Shopper £5

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Pink Hoodie £11, Black Leggings £7, Socks 3 Pack £2.30, Black Glittery Slider £6

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Pink Pineapple Logo T-Shirts £7, Grey Cropped Crew Neck Jumper £11, Grey Joggers £11, Black Oversized Crew Neck Jumper £11, White Trainers £14

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Black Cap £6

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Black Tote Bag £8

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