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Top 5 Hottest Bomber Jacket Trends

Looking for a versatile outerwear option as the new season looms? Go for a bomber jacket to be on trend this autumn/winter.

Sep 2 · 3 min read

Practical, warm, stylish… did we mention iconic?! The bomber jacket has come a looong way since its humble origin as a military flight jacket! But before jumping straight into the hottest bomber trends for the year, let’s look back at the fabulous history of bomber jackets - undoubtedly one of the most successful pieces of military clothing to crossover into the fashion world.

Bomber Jacket

The original bomber jacket dates to the 1930s and became the flight jacket of choice during WW2. With its sturdy leather outer material, warm wool or fur lining and handy pockets… we can totally see why! But since then, this nifty piece of clothing has become something of an icon.

First, worn as a badge of honour by the US Army, then rocked by punks and the countercultural movement as a sign of resistance, and then adopted by the queer community in the 80s as a fashion statement. Fast forward to the noughties, and bomber jackets now feature as streetwear and catwalk mainstays – just like today.

The classic flight jacket is an evergreen staple – but with so many different styles available today, we’re totes spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing our go-to bomber. Curious to know what the most trending bomber jacket styles for 2022/23 are? We think these 5 styles are the BOMB!

Vintage Bomber Jackets

Vintage style bomber jackets are making a comeback – we’re talking 90s rave bomber jackets and neon 80s bombers, ofc!

Let’s start with the 80s bomber jacket – this decade’s bomber is all about post-punk swag, disco glam and accessorising to the MAX. From rebellious patches and pins featuring your favourite bands to safety pins and studs, if you’re going for the alternative look, the 80s bombers where it’s at. More into Madonna than Masonna? Then go for the 80s retro disco look – pick colourful neon flight jackets or glittery numbers for those extra ballroom voguing style points!

Feeling nostalgic for the 90s? These bombers are all about revving up the bass and grooving to the latest garage, jungle or acid house tunes. The 90s bomber is a plain black or khaki green nylon bomber with the iconic colour-contrast lining. But want to know what really sets the 90s bomber jacket apart? It’s all about that attitude! Ravers rocked the bomber in the coolest warehouse parties, mastering that edgy look we’re so obsessed with today.

Varsity Bomber Jackets

When we think of varsity bombers, one thing pops to mind: vintage Americana. This cool laid-back style is back in vogue, and not just because it features in Vogue’s glossy pages or down the Milan, Paris and London 2022 catwalks! The collegiate look is casual yet gives off that air of intellect, sophistication… panache! In other words, it’s the perfect streetwear choice.

But do you know who started the varsity trend? The iconic look can be traced back to 1865 at Harvard University, where the college baseball team decided to stitch the letter ‘H’ patch onto their uniforms. At first only on hoodies and t-shirts, but once the military bomber jacket trend gained traction, the men’s varsity bomber jacket was born, a style now popular with both women, men and kids.

Can’t get enough of the varsity trend? Kit yourself out from head to toe with our range of varsity style staples!

Oversized Bomber Jackets

From Ye and Rihanna to Hailey Bieber, celebs have been rocking the oversized bomber jacket look and we LOVE it. This look is all about keeping it nice and simple. All you need is an oversized black bomber jacket or if you want to go for a classic look, an oversized leather bomber.

This look literally ticks all the boxes. Colour-block simplicity? Tick. Casual-meets-chic? 💯 Pairs with all other items? ✔ Requires absolutely no effort? That’s one big 👍 from us! In our busy bee lifestyle, sometimes we just need our outerwear to be cool and effortless… thankfully we can always rely on a sturdy oversized bomber jacket!

Graphic Bomber Jackets

The graphic bomber jacket trend is back, and we’re seeing tons of colourful bombers inspired by our fave Disney characters, basketball teams, Japanese animes or even DIY punk looks. With their cool back patches, signature logos and bright stitchings, the graphic bomber makes for a daring look.

But these striking bombers aren’t just all about the patches, this year’s trend sees the rise of graphic prints too: we’re talking abstract, flower, psychedelic and animal print graphics. If you’re looking to turn heads… get your hands on these statement jackets!

Military Bomber Jackets

No bomber jacket list would be complete without mentioning the OG bomber – also known as the A-2 military flight jacket, or the original vintage leather bomber jacket. This bomber was created by the US Army and can be distinguished by its snap-flap patch pockets, knit cuffs and waistbands, and black or brown leather outer material. Basically, when you pick this original leather number, you’re not just wearing a trendy piece of clothing – you’re donning a piece of history itself!

But the military bomber jacket has evolved since the 1930s – today the style is mostly associated with the later MA-1 model, the nylon flight jacket. These come in the distinctive military green bomber colour, in black or blue. On a mission? Get yourself a camo bomber jacket and go stealth-mode… with style!

Why is it called bomber jacket?

Bomber jackets were first created by the US Army for air pilots, they are named after bomber planes.

Can bomber jackets be washed?

Yes, but we recommend you wash it by hand or dry clean it. Always read the label as bomber jackets with patches and certain materials are best dry cleaned only.

Where did the bomber jacket trend start?

Bomber jackets were launched in the 1930s by the US Army but soon went from military army essential to fashion must-have in the post-war period thanks to the punk, rave and queer movements.

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