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Get Your Glow: How to Get Glowy Makeup Look

Are you looking for that flawless glowy makeup look that leaves your skin looking effortlessly radiant? Well, look no further, glow-getters; we’ve got your back!

Oct 3 · 5 min read

From a dewy base subtle enough to give you ‘I woke up like this’ vibes to that insta-worthy airbrushed finish #NoFilter, we’ve cracked the code when it comes to natural-looking glowing skin makeup!

How to Get Glowing Skin?

The glowy skin makeup look is all about that fresh-faced finish with just enough light reflecting in all the right places. So, are you ready to hone your inner glow using our fantastic beauty products that’ll have you glowing all day, erry day?!

Body Lotion

From a badass glowy skincare routine to the best dewy foundation and natural highlighters, it’s time to discover the products that’ll give your makeup routine the glow-up of your dreams!

Clean Base Equals Glowy Face

Glowing skin starts with a good skincare routine, so it’s time to show your skin some TLC before the glam! Start with a trusty cleanser to eliminate any excess makeup, dirt and dead skin cells. Choose from a range of cleansers, from cream cleansers to Vitamin E-infused cleansers, to give you that brightening boost. Cleansers and toners are basically BFFs, so you can’t leave either one out, a gentle toner can go a long way in prepping the skin for a smooth, glowy makeup base, as it works to shrink your pores.

Glowing skin

Next up, we have the all-important face moisturisers, probably the most essential hydrating skincare must-have. Lock in your skin’s natural moisture and prep up for a fresh makeup look. Have your pick from a range of hydrating skin products, including essential ingredients from hyaluronic acid and retinol to the all-important SPF!

Get the Perfect Dewy Base

It’s all about that base when it comes to mastering the glowing skin look! So, prime up that base and let your foundation know it ain’t going nowhere! Because our slick range of primers are perfect for creating an unbudgeable canvas for your makeup to stay in place throughout the day.


Find the best dewy foundation for a seamless glowy base with our wide range of foundations for glowing skin, from dewy look liquid foundations to fuss-free foundation sticks; find a foundation in the shade and consistency that suits your skin. But remember, a little goes a long way when creating the perfect dewy makeup look, so apply a little product evenly over your whole face using a foundation brush or beauty blender


Time to enhance your natural beauty, and concealers are all about that life! It’s best to choose a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your foundation shade to create that luminous highlighted effect. Apply some under your eyes, right under your cheekbones, a little on your forehead and along the middle of your nose and blend, baby, blend!

Dewy skin

Using a damp beauty blender will ensure you get the most out of the products, and it helps evenly blend foundation concealer for that seamlessly flawless finish.

Flushed Blush and Glowy Highlight

Shed some positive light on those cheekbones with a pick from our collection of highlighters. From subtle powder highlights, creamy natural highlighters, and liquid highlighters that work like literal drops of perfection, these babies will be like a halo for your face!


If you’re wondering how to use highlighter, our go-to glowing skin hack is simple; use a highlighter brush to apply highlight wherever you want the lighting to be popping in your selfies; so, think cheekbones, above your eyebrows, cupids bow and a tiny bit on the tip of your nose, and you’re good to go. 

Dewy Skin

 Time for a Juicy Lipped Finish

Pucker up, it’s lippy time! No glowy natural makeup look is complete without the perfect natural lipstick and wet-look gloss. Start with a neutral lipliner to outline and enhance your pout! Next, choose from our wide range of natural lipstick shades. How about a classic nude lip? Or keep it classy with a lovely light brown shade?

Dewy skin

Fancy some natural lip gloss to top off the final look? From clear high-shine lip gloss to plumping gloss for the perfect perky pout, we’ve got the ideal lip gloss to finish your glowy makeup look.

Lock it in With Setting Spray

Keep your glowy face in place all day long with the help of some faithful setting spray. Just spritz the glowy mist all over your face after you’ve done your makeup, and trust that glow not to budge one bit!

Setting Spray

Don’t be fooled by the lightweight consistency; these babies have got your glow on lock – around the clock! Plus, they provide instant hydration for dewy-looking skin.

Keep Glowing: Natural-looking Makeup Tips

How to do a natural makeup look?

Natural makeup is all about enhancing your natural beauty instead of hiding it. Here are some tips on how you can achieve a ‘no-makeup’ look:

  • Less is more – A little product can go a long way, so be sure to use a small amount of foundation and build it up as you go 

  • Blending – A damp beauty blender for liquid-based products will help create a flawless finish 

  • Close to skin colours – Find the right shade of foundation that is closest to your natural skin shade for an effortlessly natural look

  • Subtle blush – Applying some flushed blush is a great healthy-looking makeup hack that you can’t go wrong with!

What do I need for a basic makeup look?

It’s always best to start with the basics and refine your makeup routine as you go along, so here are some of the top essentials to achieve a basic natural makeup look:

  • Moisturiser 

  • Foundation

  • Concealer

  • Blusher

  • Mascara 

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