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Sweet Dreams

#iwokeuplikethis… Not such a vibe when we all look exhausted. That’s why we’re earning our rep as top of the sleep game, launching an affordable and carefully curated collection of innovative skincare and homeware.

Sep 20 · 2 min read

Welcome to The Primark Sleep Shop. Cleverly designed to help upgrade your zeds, it’s all you need to help improve your wellbeing in one easy haul.

Sleep Accessories

We know sometimes it’s the little things that can make a difference, especially when stress levels are high, so we’ve created a range of accessories for maximum comfort and care for your hair. Our microfibre scrunchies and pillow case avoids pulling and breakage, while our satin turban, pillow case and scrunchies keep your ‘do smooth and frizz-free.

Hair flat lay

Sleep Satin Gel Eye Mask £2.50, Sleep Satin Hair Wrap £2.50, Sleep Microfibre Hair Scrunchies 3pk £2, Sleep Satin Hair Turban £2.50, Sleep Microfibre Towel Pillow Cover £4.50, Sleep Satin Pillowcase and Scrunchie Set £4.50

A must-have, our eye mask channels celeb vibes while helping you snooze for longer.

Routines play a big part in aiding quality sleep so, as well as giving your tech a time-out for a few hours before bed, take a warm shower or bath to help wind down. Bath bomb and salts, optional (but advised).


Sleep Body Butter £3, Sleep Bath Salts £3.50, Sleep Bath Bomb £2.50


Sleep Essential Oils £2.50

Sleep Skincare

Next, your new skincare steps… First, apply a few drops of our Face Oil, occasionally including our super-hydrating Face Mask to add a little extra self-love to your sesh. Then our Hand Balm and Lip Mask that nourish while you nod off, thanks to the infusion of lavender, jasmine, sweet basil and magnesium.

image 2

Sleep Facial Oil £3, Sleep Face Mask £2.50, Sleep Hand Balm £2.50, Sleep Lip Mask £2

Sleep Homeware

Set the snoozy scene with our scented candle, [diffuser](https:/ and a few drops of essential oils or pillow spray, all featuring soporific essential oils. Our electric blanket, long body pillow and mattress topper achieve hotel-level luxe on an affordable budget.

image 3

Sleep Boxed Candle £4, Sleep Room Spray £3.50, Sleep Diffuser £3.50

Bamboo is the new everything when it comes to bedding. More sustainable than cotton and better at wicking sweat, get to know.

Over and out. Zzz

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