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The Trending Varsity Jacket

Say hello to THE street-style staple of the moment, the varsity jacket. Scroll down for styling tips featuring our ambassador, Josh Denzel.

Mar 9 · 3 min read

What Is A Varsity Jacket?

The varsity jacket has taken on many different variations and names since its Harvard University origins in 1865. Also known as a ‘Letterman Jacket’, the early-dated sports kit staple symbolised collegiate or athletic affiliations with an initials patch on the left breast. Since it’s revival in the 90’s, the now more-commonly known ‘varsity jacket’ comes in a variety of materials, patterns and more recently, showcases sports team logos and names like our very own sports ambassador Josh Denzel is wearing below…

Josh Denzel Varsity jacket

How To Style A Varsity Jacket: Smart

As a notoriously ‘casual’ jacket option, the key to smartening up your varsity jacket look is with tailoring and/or a minimal colour palette.

Take it from Josh himself. His all-black streamlined look at the NBA All Star Event featuring black cargo trousers and a black crew neck t-shirt mimicked smart tailoring without a blazer in sight. And despite popular belief, smart doesn’t mean banishing your trainers, style your tonal look with a box-fresh pair of trainers and minimal jewellery like a watch and a gold chain.

If your varsity jacket of choice has logos and names that are more colourful than the New York Nets jacket Josh is wearing, simply pick out one colour from the logo and match your trainers or accessories accordingly!

Josh Denzel Varsity jacket

How To Style a Varsity Jacket: Casual

To channel those Pinterest celeb street style saves, nine times out of ten, the go-to varsity jacket vibe is comfy and understated.

In the colder months, choose your fit wisely and style with loose, bleach washed, ripped denim jeans and low-top trainers for the ultimate 90’s throwback.

In the warmer months, the oversized fit of the jacket lends itself perfectly to the OG short sleeve tee and denim shorts look. Just finish off with a cap, some oversized sunglasses and high-top trainers for a pap-worthy look.

Josh Denzel jacket

NBA New York Nets Black Varsity Jacket €40

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