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Family Time

Meet The Families Celebrating Christmas This Year

Our festive Christmas themed photoshoot stars four real life families from across the globe. Read on as we catch up with them to find out more about their family Christmas traditions and their hopes for the future.

Nov 2 · 7 min read

The images you’ll see in our festive store windows were all shot remotely, in four different countries, by the real families they star with a little guidance via phone from our creative team. While we didn’t get the opportunity to meet them face to face we wanted to find out more about what makes this time of year so special, how they celebrate and what they’ll be doing to make sure the close of 2020 is magical. Scroll to see what they said…

The Davis Family, UK

davis family

What’s the most magical thing about celebrating Christmas?

The most magical thing about Christmas is being together with our family. Sharing our happiness and love, creating memories.

Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

Our family Christmas tradition is cooking together. We all have a dish to make or a job to do, which helps bring that togetherness, as well as visiting our family to share food and gifts.

Why do you love Primark?

The clothing that we buy from Primark is of a lovely quality and we have really noticed a positive change in the attention to detail of both the clothing and the packaging over the years. We were just there last night shopping for the older boys!

Kids, what do you all want to be when you grow up?

Lincoln: an entrepreneur

Quinn: an explorer

Ivan: a baker

Tay: Spiderman!

Lucia-Pearl: Spider girl!

Asa: magical!

What has the year of 2020 taught you?

2020 has taught us to love ourselves and each other and to remain true to ourselves.

The Perez Family, Spain

Perez family

What has the year of 2020 taught you?

That you have to take good care of people and that we should value hugs a lot.

Why is Christmas so important in your family?

It’s very important because everything is full of magic! We are all together, happy and there are lots of gifts!

What are your plans for celebrating Christmas this year?

We would like to spend Christmas with the family in the Pyrenees but we are a big family and may not be able to meet in large groups. We’ll have dinner together on Christmas night, dance, sing and go to sleep early so that Santa Claus can come.

Do any of you have any hidden talents?

The children answer: Mum is always able to tell who has eaten the missing chocolate without having seen us do it!

The Frantova Family, Dublin

dublin family

Why do you shop at Primark?

The children grow out of clothes very quickly and need replacements often so it it’s good value for money and the quality is great. We love to buy active wear for the kids for school plus leggings, tracksuits, t-shirts and hoodies for ourselves. Also pyjamas, underwear and socks or course!

What’s the most magical thing about celebrating Christmas?

We don’t celebrate Christmas per se but we love the amazing atmosphere surrounding the holiday season. Jan’s family celebrates Christmas, so we love joining the festivities with them when we get the chance to visit.

Describe Christmas in one word…


What has the year of 2020 taught you?

Patience, togetherness, compassion and empathy. One upside has been that we have been able to have family times more than ever before and lots of family meals together.

The Schleifer Family, Germany

The Schleifer Family, Germany

Why is Christmas so important in your family?

Because it’s all about being able to let yourself be infected by the excitement and spontaneity of your children.

What are your plans for Christmas this year?

For Christmas we would like to travel to our families because being close to loved ones is the best medicine to deal with the pandemic! We will be buying some lovely face masks from Primark to make Christmas more fun.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

It is better to be a good listener than to give advice that nobody follows.

To kids: what’s your favourite subject at school & why?

Leone: Mathematics because you always get a sure result.

Lapo: Languages because they allow us to get to know new cultures and to discover new worlds.

Luna: Art because it allows me to travel with my imagination.

What has the year of 2020 taught you?

That anything can happen!