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Skincare And Makeup

At-Home Spa

In need of a little TLC? Our new-in SPA collection contains everything you need to wind down and relax.

May 9 · 2 min read

Treat yourself to a little luxury at-home with our calming collection of bodycare, skincare and home fragrance. You don’t need to splash out to enjoy some self-care, simply DIY your own spa break in your bathroom with our luxe-look range.

Spa product set up with products on a bath shelf

SPA Moisturising Hand Balm €3.50, SPA Nourishing Foot Scrub €4, SPA R&R Face Mask €4.50

Nourishing Bath & Bodycare

Infused with mineral rich Atlantic seaweed, our relaxing bath salts and bath oil with turn a twenty minute soak into a sumptuous bathing experience, the perfect opportunity for de-stressing. Prep your feet for summer sandals and treat tired toes to a self-care ritual using our exfoliating foot scrub.

SPA product image in wooden box in bathroom

SPA Moisturising Hand Cream €3.50

Perk up a dull complexion with our glow-boosting R&R face mask. Perfect to apply while you soak, it contains lactic acid, a mild AHA to promote cell turnover and eliminate dead skin cells.

Scents That Soothe

Whether you light a candle when you bathe or simply want to scent your home with spa-like aromas all day long, our SPA candle, diffusers and room spray will help mentally transport you to a wellness retreat. Containing key notes of bergamot, rosemary and jasmine, our SPA home fragrance range promotes relaxation of both mind and body.

SPA bath set up

SPA Relaxing Seaweed Infused Bath Salts €4, PA Nourishing Seaweed Infused Bath Oil €4, SPA Seaweed Infused Soothing Body Cream €4

Whether you want to go full-force and create an evening long spa routine or gift a friend in need of me-time, our SPA range is the answer for pampering.

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