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Celebrating Found Families

We’re celebrating Pride this year by championing found families and their role in the LGBTQI+ community. Read on to find out more and explore the collection.

Jodie Spragg
by Jodie Spragg

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Whether you identify as LGBTQI+ or are an ally, Pride month is the perfect excuse to embrace and celebrate the LGBTQI+ community. This year, we’re acknowledging the important role of found families, a term used to describe a group of people who have chosen to embrace, support, respect, and love each other – despite their differences. Defined by the mutual love, respect, and support given to all members of the family unit, a found family is more than just a concept; it can provide a lifeline for members of the LGBTQI+ who may have faced rejection from their biological family.

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Dressed up in our new-in collection, we asked the cast and creators behind our 2023 campaign to tell us all about the concept of found families, and the important part they play. Read on to find out what they had to say.

Family T-Shirt

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“Found families are so much more than just trying to replace those you grew up with. It’s about accepting your past and growing with new people. It’s accepting you need love in a new way and that you can love in a million more ways than you ever realized."

-Junior, UK 

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“A found family is about finally feeling whole, something that might be absent in your biological family, like a full set of acrylic nails or a good pair of fake lashes. It’s a community you choose, whose values and honesty speak to your own."

- Jude & Michael, Germany


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"A found family = When we have the same beliefs, values, and love for each other, regardless of race, gender, religion or creed. When a group of individuals are proud of being who they are and when that group of people feels like home.

- Lowe & Family, UK


"Found family is picking up prescriptions, it’s fixing doors, stopping in to say hi. It’s a shoulder to cry on, a community to laugh with and most importantly a family to fight for."

- Ellen, Northern Ireland

Feeling Proud

We’ve launched a new collection of colorful gender neutral basewear, printed tees and must-have accessories so you can add a little Pride love and support into your everyday look. Take your pick from printed tees featuring our wonderful found family print and proud slogans, available in colors and sizes for everyone.


Whether you’re marching in a Pride parade, want to add a Pride touch to your summer wardrobe or on the hunt for Pride merch for your mini-me, we have plenty of affordable Pride pieces to pick from. Our matching gender neutral basewear sets are designed to provide liberating comfort to bodies of all shapes and sizes thanks to clever Lycra content while our pin badges, socks and accessories offer a vibrant finishing touch!

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Our Partnership With ILGA World

This year we’re celebrating five years of collaboration with ILGA World, a worldwide federation of more than 1,700 organizations from over 160 countries and territories campaigning for LGBTQI+ rights. Their vision is a world where the human rights of all people are respected and where everyone can live in equality and freedom.


For their member organizations around the world, and the thousands of activists who lead them, ILGA World has become a found family. Our donations have helped ILGA World connect and strengthen LGBTQI+ youth organizations, so young people with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, and sex characteristics are better equipped to speak up for their rights and their inclusion.

We'll continue our ongoing financial support of ILGA World with a donation of £150,000 to support their work, and evidence of our genuine and sincere commitment to the LGBTQI+ community.