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D.R.E.A.M.Y Collection

Calling all Siwanatorz, this new collection is guaranteed to leave you living the dream like a candy queen. We have completely embraced the sequin trend and used pink as our magic colour! So why not bedazzle everyone by stepping out in the spotted glitter trainers, complete with Siwa worthy sparkles and bows. Or razzle and dazzle, with the ‘Dance It Out’ top, brushed sequin skirt and matching jacket - amaze! From glossy sliders and sunnies, to backpacks with gigantic sequined bows, you’ll be shimmying and shaking in Siwa style everyday.

Jojo Siwa  GIF
Sequin top £10/€12/$14
Jojo Siwa backpack
Glitter backpack £10/€13
Jojo Siwa sweatshirt
Jojo Siwa sweatshirt £12/€14/$16
Jo Jo Siwa bow pumps
Jo Jo Siwa bow pumps £12/€14
Jo Jo Siwa outfit
Jo Jo Siwa bomber jacket £18/€20/$24, Jo Jo Siwa skirt £10/€14/$16
Jo Jo Siwa vest
Jo Jo Siwa vest £7/€9/$10
Jo Jo Siwa slider
Jo Jo Siwa slider £6/€8