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Caring For Your Swimwear

Read on for our top tips to make your favourite swimsuits and bikinis look better for longer.

Mar 21 · 3 min read

Unless you’re very lucky, it’s unlikely you’ll be reaching for your summer swimwear all year round. The key to making it last summer on summer? Caring for it properly. From rinsing it post pool swim to storing it correctly in between holidays, read on for our guide to keeping your swimwear tip-top.

Rinse It

After sporting your swimwear, resist the urge to store it screwed up. Instead, rinse your swimwear as soon as you can, ensuring it’ll stay in perfect condition. Take care as sunlight, saltwater and chlorine can make swimwear fade and discolour. Rinsing after use in fresh cold water will prevent this and help your swimwear look its best for longer.

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Wash it

Where possible, wash your swimwear after wearing it. Turn your swimwear inside out and pop in the washing machine at 30°C – this temperature is kinder for your garments as well as the environment! Try to wash tops and bottoms from bikini sets together and take out any removable pads so that they stay in the best condition. For extra care wash your swimwear in a pillowcase or a netted bag.

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Don’t Wring It

Avoid wringing out your swimwear to get rid of excess water as this can result in it losing its shape. When trying, be sure to place on a smooth surface as rougher, bumpy surfaces can damage the fabric.

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Dry it

Once your washing machine cycle has finished, don’t leave your swimwear in the drum for too long. Remove and place out to dry on a flat surface, away from direct heat and bright sunlight. Avoid hanging your swimwear on a washing line as this can affect the shape.

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Store it

Keep your swimwear in a cool, dry area away from direct heat – alongside your underwear is the perfect spot.

Now you know how to care for your swimwear, you can browse our women’s holiday shop for our latest swimwear collection. 

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