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Uni Room Decor Ideas - Your First Home Away from Home

Let’s be honest, student rooms can be a little basic, so we don’t blame you for wanting to hit the makeover button to give your uni room a lil bit of interior lovin’. That’s why we’re here to save the day, just like your mate’s notes from the lecture you missed… shhh, we won’t tell!

Aug 26 · 7 min read

Whether you’re a minimalist type or want your interiors popping for Insta, we’ve got room inspiration ideas galore, along with decorating tips and tricks to add that much-needed oomph to your uni room. So it’s time to get familiar with our gorgeous range of new home essentials, here to complete your first home away from home.

Your Student Bedroom Study Space

Why not avoid dozing off during your next study sesh by transforming your small desk space into a friendly corner that motivates you?

Desk space

Stationery from 80p

A desk lamp will be your new best friend in your uni room. Pick from a range of lamps, from simplistic ceramic lamps to quirky stand-outs. And if you’re into all things twinkly, bring some magic to your desk space with some super cute LED fairy lights and showcase your fave Polaroid pics with friends and fam to keep the warm vibes flowing!

Small lamps

Lamps from £3

How about adding a little green to the scene with an artificial succulent or faux plant to sprinkle a touch of nature to the mix without the high maintenance? It’s a win-win!

Home accessories

Home Accessories from £2.50

And if you’re all about the scented feels, then choose from our luxuriously scented diffusers and candles. From the aroma of linen to the calming fragrance of jasmine, pick the scent that inspires you, calms you or reminds you of home.

Get Comfy with Luxurious Bedding

Whether you’re lazing around in your dorm for no good reason or catching some Z’s after an all-nighter studying… (we feel you), having your bedding on-point is an essential! So why not find your ideal fitted cotton bed sheets from our range, perfect for minimal effort and a creaseless finish to your mattress? Choose from earthy neutral colours... think beige bedding, or taupe, stone and cream.

Creaseless Bedding

Double Duvet Cover Sets from £9

Or go all out and adorn your duvet and pillows with prints that express your personality, from animal prints to floral glory or stripes galore! Our wide range of bedding sets offer comfort and style in your uni bedroom!

Brilliant bits for your bathroom

From early morning routines to late-night party makeup regimes, your uni bathroom is super important, so make sure your loo is looking anything but boring with help of our bathroom accessories. Choose from our wide selection of bath mats, from classic memory foam to chic tassel bath mats! Along with saving you from slipping when you come out of the shower, these babies can uplift the look and feel of your bathroom instantly.


How about some colour-coordinated towels to match the aesthetic of your uni room, our selection of towels is not only ultra soft but come in all kinds of colours, from vibrant blues to toned-down light greens!

Soap and other accessories

Bathroom Accessories from £3.50

Have your uni bathroom looking bougie on a budget with our selection of soap dispensers, choose from all kinds of styles, including on-trend ridged to marble-finished ones!

Cushions and cosy home comforts

Cushions are one uni room essential you can’t have enough of! These versatile fluffy wonders do a whole lot of good for adding some extra cosiness to your small room!


Cushions from £4.50

Fluffy or patterned? Plain or tasseled? No matter what you choose, just scatter our range of cushions for your sofa around your dorm - there are no rules! For an extra cosy touch, why not choose from our variety of fluffy snuggly throws that give you that warm hug feeling…literally!

What you need to know about decorating your uni room

How to decorate your uni room?

When it comes to decorating your uni room, we suggest taking inspiration from the colour palettes you love, Pinterest boards or Insta-posts you’ve liked! Of course your style might be completely unique from any online style guides so feel free to make your new room in your ideal image. Why not check out our new home essentials for small room inspo?

What essentials do I need for bedroom decor?

Wondering what to bring to university dorms? It doesn’t take much to jazz up your bedroom décor at uni - when you pick the right essentials that is – so here are some uni room décor must-haves:

  • Comfortable bedding - along with the aesthetic of your room, you’ll be spending a lot of time on your bed… let’s be honest. So it’s wise to go for a comfortable duvet and pillow along with duvet sets that match your style!
  • Desk lamp – from all-nighters to comforting warm light, your desk lamp will do you plenty of favours in your uni room so why not check out our range?
  • Storage boxes - Uni students have a lot of stuff, clear the clutter and have your dorm look neat in no time with our wide selection of storage boxes!

What are some simple decorating tips and tricks?

Don’t have too much time to waste? Here are some simple decorating hacks:

  • Instantly make your room look bigger with some smartly placed mirrors!
  • Why not bring the warmth of nature into your space with some faux plants?
  • Light up your room with twinkly LED fairy lights
  • Scatter cushions around the room for an effortlessly trendy look

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