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Off The Record With Rita Ora

We sat down with Rita Ora to discuss her latest role as our global brand partner & working with Primark on the range.

Kerry Martin
by Kerry Martin

From loyal customer to global partner and designer. We sat down with international singer/songwriter, actor and TV personality, Rita Ora, to talk about all things Rita Ora X Primark and her own personal style.

A Homage To Hammersmith

Growing up in Ladbroke Grove, Rita revealed that Primark Hammersmith played a significant part in her love of fashion from an early age. "Throughout my life, I have always wanted to look stylish, and when I was younger, I couldn’t have done that without Primark. I could always stretch my budget with so many great pieces and that is really when I learned how to get creative and play with fashion.”

Her style mixes high street and designer, pre-loved and new to create a unique look which she describes as, “adventurous, risky and playful,” that is reflected in her first high street brand collaboration, Rita Ora X Primark.

Lace leggings and blouse

How Rita Ora X Primark Happened

The seeds for the partnership were sown almost two years ago when Primark and Rita first met in early 2022. As the cost-of-living crisis began, Rita was keen to develop her own range that offers great value and quality, with the brand that helped start her fashion love affair.

Creating this collection with Primark has been very nostalgic for me, and it has been such a great opportunity to develop this fashionable and affordable range.”

Rita Ora X Primark: A Partnership

It was important for both parties that this was a true partnership, with Rita playing a key role from concept and design to creation and all the way through to launch.

“I’ve loved collaborating with Primark throughout the entire process over the past couple of years: seeing the finished collections come to life after designing them side by side with Primark’s buyers and designers has been an incredible experience. I can’t wait to show the world what we’ve come up with!” 

From a Primark perspective, the collaboration harnesses our expertise and trusted relationships in the industry to create quality fashion at affordable prices – whether that’s using cotton from Primark’s Sustainable Cotton Programme (PSCP) or working with Primark’s trusted suppliers and their factories.

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Rita Ora X Primark: The Collection

Available now in all stores globally, this collaboration is a multi-season partnership. Designed with longevity in mind, all of the pieces in this initial collection and beyond are designed to become staples in your wardrobe and be loved, worn and shared season after season.

Lace dress

‘Day to Night’ dressing is at the heart of this collection with key pieces that can be mix and matched with the rest of the range and your existing wardrobe. Spanning across knitwear, denim and outerwear Rita’s vision was for customers to create both casual looks and statement evening outfits that would effortlessly reflect the wearers personality.

With such a huge involvement in the 169-piece collection, we gave Rita the tricky task of naming her hero piece:

“My favourite item from this season is definitely the cargo jean because it’s a classic and you can wear it in the day with your trainers and throw on a pair of heels at night. Denim always lasts a lifetime.”