As part of our Primark Cares initiative, we are COMMITTED to a better, MORE SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. There’s a long way to go, but we'll meet the challenges and drive the changes we know we must make. We take our RESPONSIBILITY seriously and will keep moving towards a better FUTURE for people and the planet.

Our Commitments

Recycled plastics split block image

When I'm Big...

On the set of our first sustainability-focused brand campaign, we asked the two youngest members of our cast what their hopes are for the future.

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Men's recycled split block

Recycled Activewear

Our new men’s performance collection made with recycled materials is a perfect blend of fashion and function. Look and feel great in style that’s better for the planet.

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Restyle, Rewear, Repeat

Forget doin' it for Insta, and focus on doin' it for the planet – by rewearing, restyling and repeating your fave fashion pieces.

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Kids' better together

Better Together

There are all kinds of little lifestyle changes we can all make that will make a big difference to the planet. Read on for our hacks for caring for your clothes and the environment, too.

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Don't lose sleep image

Don’t Lose Sleep

Make a more sustainable bed with our duvets and bed pillows made from recycled materials.

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Bag Of Tricks

The iconic Primark bag can be used for more than just storing goodies... Check out how to create DIY accessories with the paper bag from your latest Primark shop.

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